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Located in Barrie, Ontario, The Happy Humanist Ceremonies Service represents creative clients in the Central Ontario region. The Happy Humanist specializes in marriage ceremonies and offers ceremonial services related to other important life events. Whether you’re seeking to get married, renew vows, introduce a new family member or de-conversion from established religions, The Happy Humanist will help you to create the perfect ceremony. The Happy Humanist offers extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customizes services for your individual needs and concerns.

The Happy Humanist has been involved in humanism for decades. The Humanist Worldview has been growing globally and humanists are the fastest-growing social demographic.

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Humanist Weddings Weddings for Everyone

Humanist Weddings are legally sanctioned in the Province of Ontario by the office of the registrar General. Officiant Services is a private sector enterprise that conducts weddings in conformity with the Marriage Act of Ontario. Officiant services ensures that your wedding is conducted in a professional manner while at the same time offers considerable flexibility and variability in the form and structure that you choose.

Humanist Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies celebrate and make public the personal commitments of two people when creating a marriage. Humanist Weddings demonstrate the core values and principles of humanism and they are secular and non-religious in form and in content.

Ever Humanist Wedding or Commitment Ceremony is as unique as the personalities of the participants. Every Humanist ceremony reflects a unique character and design, in contrast to most religious ceremonies which follow a proscribed format and where creativity is limited. Humanist Weddings are composed by the participants themselves in collaboration with Officiant Services. This permits the significance and importance of the event to be especially meaningful to the couple, their friends and guests.

Humanist Ceremonies can take place anywhere. They are not limited to the restrictive confines of religious venues. Consequently, the imagination and creativity of participants can produce very special and unique celebrations in every respect. There is no prescribed form or text other than the legal elements which are managed by Happy Humanist Ceremonies Service. Ceremonies may be written specially for the participants and by the couple themselves either individually or collaboratively.

In a Humanist Wedding, family members or friends often take part and children may also play a role, adding a special sparkle to the occasion. The typical Humanist Wedding ceremony requires some thought and reflection because the participants must deliberate on the meaning of their pending marriage in order to create their personalized ceremony. Humanist marriage ceremonies often highlight respect for the individuality of both parties who have come together with each one bringing their own special qualities and talents.

Humanist Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies celebrate the human capacity to form conscious, meaningful and lasting relationships.

Basic Wedding Package

Basic Weddings & Scripts include all of the regulatory elements necessary for a legal marriage in Ontario without the writing of an elaborate script. Basic, standardized vows are provided by the Happy Humanist. This is ideal for low-cost weddings, special occasion weddings and weddings with few participants.

Detailed Weddings & Scripts

Detailed Weddings include the basic regulatory requirements as well as scripted vows and more involvement by the Officiant in the preparation of the ceremony script. Often, participants write significant portions of the wedding script and design other elements of the wedding to suite circumstances and venues. In a Detailed Wedding, other participants may be invited to play a role. In this way, children, parents and others may become actively engaged in the ceremony. These additional elements add time involved in preparation and, consequently, there is additional cost.

Elaborate Staged Weddings

Elaborate Staged Weddings allow for maximum creativity on behalf of the participants. Innovation is key and participants may plan to incorporate unusual elements, tastefully designed and executed, while ensuring the inclusion of the regulatory elements.

basic marriage ceremonies

Just want to get married? Religious pomp and ceremony not wanted? The latest trend in secular marriages is growing and evolving. The Happy Humanist offers basic marriage ceremonies, from 15-minute "quickies" to more emotionally laden services without undue pomp and, well, ceremony.

elaborate and creative marriage ceremonies

There is no limit to the human imagination, especially when it comes to creative marriage ceremonies. The way people envision secular marriage seems to be a combination of entertainment and tradition, but even more elaborate "performances" are possible. The Happy Humanist will tend to the essential elements so that you can focus more on creating the performance of a lifetime.

baby naming ceremonies

It turns out that marriage sometimes leads to children (who knew?). Biological babies are amazing but adopted babies also need some love and attention. The Happy Humanist will help you to design a ceremony for the "little one" as an introduction to the world with a new name. Names make our lives simpler. Does your baby have a name?

family reunification and acceptance

Family reunification is one of the most emotionally-charged events, for some, after a period of absence, loss or reconciliation. Adoption into a new family can also be a life-changing experience. The Happy Humanist will help you to re-connect and come to terms of acceptance. Family reunification and acceptance ceremonies require finesse, strategic structuring and, in many ways, empathy. At the end of the day, it can be profoundly personal.

renewal of vows

Already married? Need a "touch-up" on your "account"? Why not renew those vows, made eons ago, with the love of your life? The Happy Humanist offers a holistic approach to this most joyous celebration.

de-baptism and religious deconversions

Still bothered by baptism, without your consent, when you were an infant? Why not be done with it (baptism) and purge those persistent thoughts? The Happy Humanist will help you to become, well, a humanist and a citizen of the modern world with modern thoughts. Bring a towel.

“We must all obey the
great law of change.
It is the most powerful
law of nature.”

— Edmund Burke

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