Humanist Weddings

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Humanist Weddings are legally sanctioned in the Province of Ontario by the office of the registrar General. Officiant Services is a private sector enterprise that conducts weddings in conformity with the Marriage Act of Ontario. Officiant services ensures that your wedding is conducted in a professional manner while at the same time offers considerable flexibility and variability in the form and structure that you choose.

Humanist Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies celebrate and make public the personal commitments of two people when creating a marriage. Humanist Weddings demonstrate the core values and principles of humanism and they are secular and non-religious in form and in content.

Ever Humanist Wedding or Commitment Ceremony is as unique as the personalities of the participants. Every Humanist ceremony reflects a unique character and design, in contrast to most religious ceremonies which follow a proscribed format and where creativity is limited. Humanist Weddings are composed by the participants themselves in collaboration with Officiant Services. This permits the significance and importance of the event to be especially meaningful to the couple, their friends and guests.

Humanist Ceremonies can take place anywhere. They are not limited to the restrictive confines of religious venues. Consequently, the imagination and creativity of participants can produce very special and unique celebrations in every respect. There is no prescribed form or text other than the legal elements which are managed by Officiant Services. Ceremonies may be written specially for the participants and by the couple themselves either individually or collaboratively.

In a Humanist Wedding, family members or friends often take part and children may also play a role, adding a special sparkle to the occasion. The typical Humanist Wedding ceremony requires some thought and reflection because the participants must deliberate on the meaning of their pending marriage in order to create their personalized ceremony. Humanist marriage ceremonies often highlight respect for the individuality of both parties who have come together with each one bringing their own special qualities and talents.

Humanist Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies celebrate the human capacity to form conscious, meaningful and lasting relationships.