A Humanist funeral or memorial service celebrates the life of an individual who is no longer part of the community. Humanist celebrations of life are secular and non-religious in both form and content.  Once the formality of religion is removed, a humanist ceremony can take place anywhere. Officiant Services facilitates meaningful ceremonies and supports families.

Since everyone has lived a unique life, a Humanist “Celebration of Life” is also unique. When family and friends design and define the celebration to reflect the unique character and personality of the individual, the Celebration of Life provides an opportunity for those creating the text and shaping the celebration to reinvent their relationship with the person who has died.  All of the emotions and many of the lived experiences with that person are taken out, dusted off, and felt renewed.  There are tears and laughter and joy coupled with sorrow and pain.

In a Humanist Celebration of Life, the lively relationships once share with the deceased person is transformed into a relationship of memory. The process may be characterized as as a process to describe the deceased with thoughts, both sorrowful and joyful, with the intention of celebrating life and reflecting upon a deeper understanding and recognition of the our temporary time in the universe to bring us solace and comfort.